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Message Subject Bill Maher tells CNN that President Donald Trump is ‘winning.’ The interview only gets better from there: ‘He’s owning dems
Poster Handle Roman Stone
Post Content
I will say it again. Who is this fucking bozo nosed sized clown? I have watched him and just stare blank faced thinking. "How are you successful? Youre not funny, youre not entertaining. You're obviously a liberal retard but who is bankrolling you? I dont get it?

Why do you even have an audience. What is your claim to fame? i remember a stooopid mean atheistic movie you made religiosity which tanked and was worthless..

I dont get it. I understand comedians success like Chris rock, Dane cook,dave chappell ricky gervais, that new italian guy. They are fucking FUNNY. They make you laugh. I have NEVER laughed at anything BILL MAHER has come up with, it truly baffles me how the guy continues to have an Audience.

Please someone explain it to me....
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