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Message Subject 5G and RFID
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A bit Simplistic but : you are right.

5G is necessary for the push to IOT; autonomous vehicles; drone delivery; tele surgery.and anything else that requires low to no lag time for human safety.

5g is alot of low power transmitters.(to eliminate dead spots) dedicated to moving wide bandwidths of data around to and from the web.

Current technology RFID uses higher power transmitters to couple in the "near field" with the passive tiny tag. The transmitter floods a tag with RF; the tag and its antenna are matched closely to the transmitter frequency.

The transmitter see the tag as a simple "load" on its out put. Then the tag merely opens and closes a semiconductor switch in its antenna circuit using a digital pulsetrain (data) the transmitter sees this on and off of the "load" and reads it back as data.

5G technology and RFID use different RF frequency bands. (because "physics").and electrical engineering requirements.

THE BIG ADVANTAGE OF RFID was the passive (no power required) aspect of the cheap tiny tag.

So you could put a small tag in every library book and have self check out and inventory control for pennys. Or every part stored in a warehouse for inventory control.

The Location service in your cell phone uses its internal gps receiver.and reports back through the cell system.

So they are two entirely different technologies with two different uses. You could put an RFID transmitter (reader)system in every lightpole and doorway in a city and track a tagged person.

Thats how checkout free stores work; the item is tagged; the doors have readers.
However: your cell location is more reliable;cheaper (you pay for it) AND you carry it willingly.

RFID tracking of individuals has already been surpassed by the cell phone.So no worries mate. If "they" wanto track you, "they" already have your permission through the cell companies.

(retired military&industrial electronics tech).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77376498

Ill try to find the paper again, but they have developed far field tech to constantly power on the rfid chips in anything to enable 3d tracking to the cm, in real time.

You sound like you understand this stuff more, but my friend sent me a paper (he understands this stuff too) and explained that they were going to have the tech to do this.

apparently 2 companies are racing to get final FCC approval to beam another frequency that will charge all the batteries in devices wirelessly, everywhere.
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