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Message Subject Illinois proclaims abortion to be a "fundamental right"
Poster Handle Vicious Deplorable dollop
Post Content
The ever-contemptible governor of the more-loathsome-than-ever state of Illinois today signed into law a measure that codifies abortion as a "fundamental right".

Here's proof: [link to www.chicagotribune.com (secure)]

The semantics are what bother me most about this. A fundamental right. Really? Killing one's offspring Eradicating a uterine tumor now ranks alongside life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? It's always seemed to me that a "right" is something that really doesn't require enumeration; if it's not specifically proscribed or regulated, it must be legal. No need to further belabor the matter. In Roe v. Wade, Justice Blackmun devised a way to synthesize a "right to privacy" as his way of supporting the "right" to abortion. This was quite a feat, but my point here is to ridicule the Illinois legislation, not to dissect the untenable Roe v. Wade decision.

The happy fact that Roe v. Wade may soon be no more is probably the motivation behind the new Illinois law. The bill was authored by an Illinois representative named Kelly Cassidy, who has a high school education and a spouse named Candace. That might help explain the silliness. Even if Roe v. Wade were to fall by the wayside, in Illinois, abortion is our Satan-given right! This is probably how it should be, I guess. It shouldn't be a federal issue, and if the individual states see fit to legislate yea or nay, they can.

As for me, I'm embarrassed to live downwind from Illinois. I think I'll adopt a new policy of avoiding doing business with any Illinois-based enterprises. Governor Pritzker's personal prosperity stems from the Hyatt Hotels Corporation. I had an unforgettably inhospitable experience at a Hyatt hotel in Columbus, Ohio in 1985, and I swore that I'd never patronize them again. I haven't, and I recommend no one else patronize them. I've survived without Hyatt. Boycotting ALL Illinois businesses won't be nearly as easy, but I can try.
 Quoting: Overgoverned

Yeah, that's going to work out real well for them.

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