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Message Subject In depth analysis of 2nd Civil War in America by government/military planners leaked
Poster Handle Wondering Mind
Post Content
When the left lost, they started screaming about abolishing the Electoral College.

Not only would that be unconstitutional, it would be flying in the face about what the United STATES of America is. It's a collection of independent STATES coming together to help those states solve common problems.

Unfortunately, the federal government has BECOME a common problem to the states. This was all foreseen by the framers, who wrote a constitution to LIMIT the power of the government.

There is absolutely NO mechanism in the Constitution for a popular vote for President. The Constitution doesn't even specify how the states choose electors. That's up to the states individually.

The key to restoring our Republic is for the states to reassert their control over government.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77714410

It appears as though there are areas within the States that are divided when it comes to rural areas and urban areas.
The State will pour everything into their urban areas and cut off their rural areas.
They still take the revenue from the rural people while cutting any funding unto them off.
They pay taxation for nothing in return.

We see the large collections of peoples piled into expensive urban areas, that become self centered areas of completely different characters all together.

It would be better for the areas to be separated with their own Governments in these types of State disintegration.
If they only want the city life then they only should be of it and not of the rural areas.

One State should not make laws that rope into their own law making other States not theirs.

That should stop all together, no Nationally enacted State laws on other States by one or a few or more States.

It is the way the exclusionists have taken their States and areas into their own personality and desires.
They want their own way they should be set and kept in it.

They would be happy then.
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