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Message Subject 1 CARD Tarot Drawings - OPEN & TAKING REQUESTS - Make Sure To Leave Feedback Please!
Poster Handle Cynical Realist
Post Content
I'll be drawing cards (single card readings only) for the next couple hours.

If you'd like one just comment below.

I'm just going to give people their card and let them look up what the card means.

I'm just learning my deck so we can learn together?

Thanks for stopping by!

Also after you have a chance to look into the card I pull for you please consider leaving feedback if it was relevant for you or not!

Edit: Thank you SOOO much to everyone thats provided such positive feedback! It makes me so happy that your readings were accurate! I really enjoy doing this and your feedback is the impetus to keep me going!


Here's a painting I made the other day and thought it could be our fire to light the path of our journey together!


Me..... I wouldnt be surprised if you puled the major arcana.... The hanged man!!!
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