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Readable version of Day 3/5 'I spent 17 years developing various chemicals for Chemtrails - ask me almost anything'(2012) thread


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06/13/2019 07:07 PM

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Readable version of Day 3/5 'I spent 17 years developing various chemicals for Chemtrails - ask me almost anything'(2012) thread
This landmark GLP thread from 2012 has been edited and formatted for easy readability.
It only contains posts from Day-3 of the thread.

The regular text queries are from our own preeminent GLP members, the bold text are the responses from the Chemtrail chemicals chemist OP.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6323246
I spent 17 years developing various chemicals for Chemtrails - ask me almost anything.
Can't tell you the name of my employers. Nor can I tell you the exact chemical compositions of the mixtures I helped developed. I can answer almost everything else.

I am wanting information from you, not trying to shoot you down...
Quoting: Kinect
Please refer to the first few pages of the thread as to why I refuse to disclose any chemical compounds my lab helped to develop. I'm trying to make it as difficult as possible for someone to narrow down where I was employed, and I've probably already come too close a few times in this thread.

I didnt ask for the chemical compound, I think its the Gulf War Disease cause the flats of diet soda sat out in the sun
And if you look at the chemical compound, it seems to convert to formaldehyde
Thanks anyways,
It is worth pointing out that there are no aldehyde functional groups in the chemical structure of Aspartame.

Let me ask it this way . . . Could most of your mixtures be dispersed and meet minimum saturations on our hypothetical city (OKC) from one aircraft at the proper altitude. . . ? Would it take several aircraft? How often is re-dispersal needed in a hypothetical application of your mixture? . . .
Quoting: George B
I suppose that one of our slowest, widest dispersing agents, released at a very high altitude, under perfect atmospheric conditions, could disperse to an area the width of such a city. This would be more feasible if it was a mixture that only needed to reach ground level at concentrations in the level of parts per billion, or perhaps parts per million.
This is pretty speculative; I don't remember working on any project that could've achieved this.

Oh...you wanted a question...What type of Scotch are you drinking right now?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5050645
Laphroaig, single malt scotch whisky, 10 year. It's been a while since I sprung for the 18 year. Only for special occasions.

You have a point, let's get to it. What to do?
Quoting: Kinect
I've answered both of these questions in one form or another a few times throughout the thread, so I'll give you the brief answers. Feel free to look back through the thread for the unabridged versions.
How does it benefit me? It feels good, to some extent, to get this off my chest. Been living with it for a while now.
How does it benefit the rest of the world? Knowledge is power. That's my scientist credo.
What to do about it? I feel like my previous answers have been pretty bleak/pessimistic. Sorry, but in my mind, that's the case. Good luck bringing this to a mainstream media outlet. The people who contracted our services have endless amounts of power and money. My best recommendation would be to do what I've done - get as far away from population centers as possible. Live off the land as much as you can. Life is short - enjoy it.

Elaborate on what other constituents and chemical compositions, including metals besides aluminum are being found in the soil. Do you have a theory as to the cause?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5114133
There aren't many families on the periodic table that we didn't deal with during my career. I'm not up to date on what's being found in the soil, but if you can provide me with some specifics I can attempt to speculate as to the reason.
Okay all,
It's been another good night. Plenty of insightful questions. I did not think it would feel this good to get some of this off my chest while helping others. Not sure if I will be back tomorrow night, but I'll try. In the meantime, going to go cuddle with my puppy and read a good book. Good night all.

Almost sounds like fluorescein....or something glow in the dark
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1497040
The chemical that was designed to be utilized at night did not involve fluorescence. Rather, we were unable to make the mixture refract the right wavelengths of light so that it would appear white/gray. Instead, no matter what we tried, it had a distinct color to it. For this reason, we instructed the contractor that it would be best utilized at night.

You obviously are referring to heavy elements such as 113-118, but with the fractional of a second radioactive decay, how would they apply to effects upon perception?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5114133
Sorry, we never used any of those elements in our lab.

Also, I have had a multitude of fungi on my property this year and never had it before. Big shrooms the size of baseballs and some bigger and at least 6-7 varieties.
Is there any correlation to this with what you did?
Quoting: odinson222
Can't really say what the effects of any of our compounds might have had on fungi. I suppose it's possible that they might have stimulated growth in some species of fungi. Fungi are extremely sensitive to their environment, and especially to various compounds that other organisms aren't.

I've read articles where Project Blue Beam uses chemicals like barium to produce its holograms, etc. Do you think the chemtrails may be used for this as well? I mean if they are using barium in the mixture, and the holograms need barium, this could possible be a reson as well right? Afterall, if they are looking to "deceive" us somehow with UFO's, a false rapture, anything really, then it would make perfectly good sense to be "prepping" the skies for such events. What do you think?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1580547
Never heard of anything like that, and it sounds pretty tricky to do. We never worked on anything with the purpose of facilitating the projection of holograms. Never heard of Barium being used for something like this either.

I appreciate your posts about ADC research. Could you 'speculate' from your knowledge/experience and see if it dovetails with the technical observations of Chicago events.
I author of the 'Chemtrails over Chicagoland' series of GLP threads, an accurate chronology documentating Chicago events without the associated hype.
I am primarily interested in you confirming the altitude and dispersion distances that I've observed and whether they fit into your 'recommended' spraying parameters. The operation is the same each time. A single white KC767 type aircraft with 4 main wing nozzles spraying at +35,000ft, trails are sprayed ends to the middle roughly 8 miles apart(tho accurate to GPS lat/lon).
The KC767 series can handle approx 12,000 gallons so would it have adequate dosing capacity for (6) 50-mile long trails? Highest dosage?/minimum dosage? Do these numbers work for all your proposed ADC formulas?
Disregard the benign cloud/fog seeding event, it was the same aircraft but at a much lower altitude.
Quoting: uscrusader1
12,000 gallons at 35,000 feet covering six 50-mile trails is pushing it, depending on the initial concentration of the primary compound(s) in the mixture and the desired resultant concentration at ground level. Feasible though. Important to note, however, that the 12,000 gallons figure is for jet fuel (as the KC767 is a refueling aircraft) at a certain pressure, and is not universal depending on what you are storing and at what conditions. Not sure what you are asking when you say "highest dosage?/minimum dosage?". If I understand you correctly, that is completely dependent on the mixture as well as multiple other factors.

This is too much fun
OP what have you offered or accomplished giving to your group of believers here?
IE I saw it made you feel better but what do you think you have posted that has benefited anyone else here and how?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8033633
It probably hasn't. I don't know, many people believe knowledge is power, myself included. If they feel they have gained knowledge, they in turn feel more powerful and perhaps better equipped to fight their enemies. Of course that's just lofty rhetoric - there's not much I can say to benefit anyone here. Sharing information is all I can do, and even then most people are likely to regard it as bullshit.

came on the forum to clear your conscious--so what is it that actually concerns you about the Chemtrails?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5114133
I think that much is clear from pretty much all of my answers - they aren't being used to give children puppies and cure cancer. They are being used for purposes slightly more nefarious.

Simply put, in your research there was a wide range of dosages for ADP efficacy, minimum(it worked) to maximum(not safe for humans). So if the ADP's were diluted for deployment would the 8 mile [email protected],000 do the job. I know deployment is not your specialty so speculate.
As I am speculating as to the capacities of a modified KC767, I'm going on telescopic views of short duration.
However the end result in Chicago is near perfect dispersion and coverage.
Quoting: uscrusader1
You are correct that there is always a dosage range, the lower end being ineffective and the upper end being over-effective. However this range varied greatly depending on the specific compounds. Some ADCs, deployed as you described, would reach ground level within that desired range of effectiveness. Others wouldn't.

This I understand, but for what agenda--and yes, I process mayhem--but you must have inclinations as to its use and for what purpose; otherwise, you wouldn't be trying to indirectly warn us.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5114133
Control was the only overt agenda I could ever discern.

Let me throw out a prior hint you might have given. Can you elborate on Area 51?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5114133
I'm not sure what prior hint you are referring to, but it must've been entirely unintentional. I've never had any contact with Area 51 - wasn't even in the same state.

How does the gov get a suspicious public to go get vaccines..maybe make them feel sick?
Just sayin..
Quoting: SunDogsbd
Although this is beyond my realm of experience, it is completely possible that the project I worked on involving the production of flu-like symptoms could have been used for such a purpose.

It that the result of the research or knowledge acquired prior to the experiments?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5114133
A mix of knowledge acquired from test results of the failed project, and a smaller part of just my personal beliefs based on some understanding of the biochemistry behind human emotions.

Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5114133
I don't actually know where any of the products we developed were eventually deployed.
"The most frequently repeated remark about it is that “there is no such word.” There is such a word, however. It is still used primarily in speech, although it can be found from time to time in edited prose."
Sometimes I find myself using "irregardless" to piss off people who think they are god's gift to grammar. I would have never used it while in school or when writing a scientific paper. But I don't appear to be doing either of those things.

So the agenda was to create amnesia after intense fear, but the experiment failed.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5114133
No. Our testing found that the compound we were developing was able to prevent the creation of short term memories following mild or moderate traumatic experiences, but failed to work following any trauma more intense than "moderate".

This brings to mind.
Have you ever worked on harmless ADP 'marker' system to test the success of a chemtrail 'run'. Anything some enterprising investigator could look for in an ER room data sheet?
What would your methodology be if I walked into your lab with that one? :)
Quoting: uscrusader1
I would need to know what you mean by "ADP" first.

that's like saying little radiation is o.k.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7418812
It is.

Do you feel there was an agenda to create an illusion of an epidemic to administer vaccines?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5114133
I don't know. That's beyond what I'd like to speculate on. What I can say is, if I had had children, I would've gotten them vaccinated. Even after working on that project. And even after that project I continued to get flu vaccinations. This is because I understand the research and science behind them, and accept it as true and safe. I know this statement is not going to get me a lot of love on this website. But those are just my personal beliefs.
OP.. Thanks for this. You put a lot of things in perspective for a lot of people. I feel your truth and intent. I think the illuminati are such big of band of losers and filth, they try anything to control the people. spraying with allll THAT MONEY involved seem like the ultimate fear mongering. lol they can't traduce a good amount of us, i know it makes them mad.

the questions i ask now, will lead to tons i research i may or may not do in the future. i am absolutely no chemist.
.. where the chemical compounds you worked on in anyway active or antagonistic upon the opiate receptors?
what about norepinephrine?
.. was your research started from the ground up.. if not, what chemical scientists - you most relate your work to? for example: alexander shulgin?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6216609
Opioid receptors - Yes, mainly the Mu and Nociceptin (ORL1) subtypes.
Norepinephrine (AKA Noradrenaline) - Yes. Hormones and Neurotransmitters factored into nearly all of our mammalian-targeted projects in one way or another.
Oh hell, this is tough. In science, nearly everything one does builds upon something done by someone else. Our lab was no exception. I can't think of anyone I most relate my work to, mainly because we were in a relatively new and unpublished field. I'll direct you to Carl Neuberg - one of the earliest pioneers of Biochemisty. Or perhaps Otto Loewi - the first person to discover and isolate a neurotransmitter (Acetylcholine). Anything we did was building upon work from someone who was building upon work from someone who was building upon work from one of these two figures (in a manner of speaking).

This brings to mind.
Have you ever worked on harmless ADP 'marker' system to test the success of a chemtrail 'run'. Anything some enterprising investigator could look for in an ER room data sheet?
What would your methodology be if I walked into your lab with that one? :)
Quoting: uscrusader1
I would need to know what you mean by "ADP" first.
oops, tired and no doctorate, ACP
Quoting: uscrusader1
Do you mean ADC (Aerially Dispersed Chemical)? It's not really an official acronym, more of something we used for shorthand in the lab. If that is what you are referring to, no, we never worked on anything that intended to test the success of an ADC. If you contracted our lab to develop such a thing, we would need to know what you consider a successful "chemtrail run".

Okay - what is your understanding of the role of adjuvants in vaccines?
Quoting: nexuseditor
From what I understand, adjuvants, while not necessary in most modern vaccines, are added to increase the efficiency of the vaccine. They achieve this by enhancing the natural immune response to the target antigen. This is achieved through a few different methods; one such method is ensuring that the antigen stays around long enough for the body to develop an immune response. Without adjuvants, in some cases the body would clear the antigen before the immune system fully had a chance to develop a complete immune response. Please keep in mind this pretty far from my field of study. I only put enough interest into vaccines to the point where I felt safe receiving them.

Newton: "If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants".
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5114133
Exactly! Newton was spot on.
Really can't say. If I was still employed, I could tell you if business was slacking off or was as busy as ever. Not that we ever weren't busy. But I really have no clue as to whether the chemtrail situation is getting worse. Luckily, I live in an area where I am lucky to even see a plane.

By decreasing Acetylcholine, you decrease environmental awareness. Again--who is trying to control the populace?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5114133
That's a pretty broad statement. Acetylcholine can be found pretty much everywhere in the human body. Simply decreasing the amount of ACh either being produced or being taken up in the human body would have a laundry list of effects.

yup, ADC.
Nothing in depth, just off the top of your head.
The methodology for a quick ADC marker... someone must have asked for one in 17 years?
A harmless marker to see the success rate of an Aerially Dispersed Chemical 'run'.
No one has ever asked for a test/result system to see if ADC's even worked?
Just for fun , speculate :)
Quoting: uscrusader1
That's what I'm saying - how do you test the success rate of an ADC? That in itself is a very complex and difficult question. You'd have to conduct testing at ground level. And such work would not have been contracted to my lab.

Tell me - what do YOU consider is a safe amount of formaldehyde to inject into a newborn baby? And why do you feel it is safe to do this over a dozen times before that child starts school?
Quoting: nexuseditor
Ugh. I knew I should have never brought up vaccines. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You have yours, I have mine. If you don't want to get your children vaccinated against tetanus because of the presence of formaldehyde in the vaccine, that is 100% your choice. I hate the idea that our government might some day require vaccinations. I'm going to end this tangent and go back to fielding questions only pertaining to my work as a chemist. Sorry.

How detailed of request would you get, regarding the type of chemical wanted made?
how would you get your assignments?
Please go into detail.
how did you know if your chemicals worked? there had to be human trails.. did you every ingest your chemicals, by accident of on purpose?
Do any of your chemicals have potential for therapeutic or recreational use?
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6216609
Here's how our laboratory worked:
One supervisor. One lead researcher. Four to eight research technicians. These were the only people that were in our lab on a daily basis. Our supervisor had a boss who would be approached by contractors, who communicated a desired outcome to be achieved via ADCs. Our supervisor would approach us with this contract. We would brainstorm questions for him to relay through his boss to the contractors. A lot of questions, usually. The answers would filter back down through the supervisor to us. At this point, we formulated more questions, but would also begin tentative research on how to obtain the desired results.
Never knew for sure if our chemicals worked. No human trials either - rats, and in rare cases pigs, only. It was usually possible to infer how successful our mixtures would be on humans based on our animal trials. Never ingested our chemicals on accident - we had very, VERY strict safety procedures in our lab. There was one mishap where a research technician came in contact with an intermediate product - luckily it was rather inert, and at a very small concentration. He was OK, but he was also fired.
I could think of a few of our final products that could have absolutely had potential for therapeutic or recreational use.

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uscrusader1  (OP)

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06/29/2019 10:14 AM

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Re: Readable version of Day 3/5 'I spent 17 years developing various chemicals for Chemtrails - ask me almost anything'(2012) thread
For all of us interested in Chemtrails.
There will be a special C2C Chemtrail show in the first segment July 2, 2019. Special guest Elana Freeland. She is best known for her book: Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth.


For times and local stations.
[link to www.coasttocoastam.com (secure)]
 Quoting: uscrusader1


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06/29/2019 10:27 AM
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Re: Readable version of Day 3/5 'I spent 17 years developing various chemicals for Chemtrails - ask me almost anything'(2012) thread
Wow. Thanks for your work! I know this took some time to put together. I was always too busy working to delve into that threat.
Anonymous Coward
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03/09/2021 04:28 PM
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Re: Readable version of Day 3/5 'I spent 17 years developing various chemicals for Chemtrails - ask me almost anything'(2012) thread
Quite a lot in here on vaccines!

Aerial spraying to make people sick so they go get vaccines...


Kinda makes you wonder how this Covid thingy spread LIGHTENING FAST Around the entire Planet.