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Message Subject christians attention
Poster Handle Baloney
Post Content
YOU tell that to those that follow the Talmud Ba'abs.
You keep claiming to be one of theirs.

 Quoting: hillbilly

being a jevv/israel hater doesn't change the FACT that hillbilly is still a lowly, wretched, rotten sinner----just as we all are

hillbilly is a sinner in need of a saviour, and there is only 1 saviour----the only begotten son of GOD, Jesus.

hating on jevvs/israel isn't going to save you, following urantia/phony journals isn't going to save you, pushing filthy chrislam isn't going to save you.

Hillbilly is going to have to decide which he wants more, eternal life with the Father through his son Jesus and the finished work of the cross,

or to hold onto his obsessive jevv/israel hatred.

with the way things are right now, I wouldn't sit on that fence too long if I were you.
 Quoting: Baloney

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