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Message Subject christians attention
Poster Handle hillbilly
Post Content
Jesus has instructed me to ask y'all
Where is the Gospel According to Jesus Christ?

If I ever meet your hero Chuck Lawson
I'll ask him that one straightaway.
I've stumped many a "man of God" with it.
I've been asking that question since I
was a child and received the answer.
 Quoting: hillbilly
Hotsa matta foya, can none of you so-called
Christ-lites even attempt a reply?
Or course , it follows why was the Gospel
according to the greatest woman to ever
give birth not included in the oh so Holy Bible?

Guess this crowd needs some doom fuel.
The Palisades and Malibu are on fire tonight.

Turkey and the Kurds aren't shooting each other
so they're shooting at Christians for practice?
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