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Message Subject christians attention
Poster Handle Baloney
Post Content
The Beast already has our fingerprints
and facial recognition
attached to our
driver's license and SSN. Click, click, BOOOOM!
(((Their))) satellites can read your car's license plate.
Your smart phone tells (((them))) everywhere you go.

Walk into Chinamart and (((they))) know everything
about you just by seeing your face on camera.
Go ahead and steal whatever you need, they're more
worried about what (((their))) slaves are stealing.

My credit union has a sign on the door that
says I am not to wear a hat inside.

Coldcut works for (((them))) whatever it says agumball
you can be sure the opposite is the truth.

 Quoting: hillbilly

now that ^^^ is a pile of deceptive hillshit. For readers: NOBODY is currently marked with the mark of the beast.

when satan of nebadon/hatonn's antichrist comes to power he will require a physical, visible, mark specific to him. Without this mark you will not be able to buy or sell.

Currently anyone can enter walmart, 7-eleven, kroger etc and buy say a gallon of milk with cash and you don't have to show a ssn#, drivers license #, birth certificate, or have a smart phone. and none of those things are in the right hand or the forehead, so we know that they are NOT the mark of the beast.

my theory is that the dark shits, the evil ones already in service to satan of nebadon/hatonn are trying to falsely convince people that they are already marked so that when the time comes, people will just go ahead and take it. they try to normalize it or pave the way for folks to give up their very souls.

how deceptively evil of these false ones! but lying and deceiving is what they do best.

When the mark does come out, we must all reject it.

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