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Message Subject christians attention
Poster Handle hillbilly
Post Content
Nope, there are multiple "versions"
of every faith, many different sects
within Judaeism, Islam, and Christianity.

There is only one set of God's Laws though.
They apply to everyone and everything.

I'll remind you again to look at the names
of the ones behind the massive worldwide
network of those abusers and killers.

(((They))) proudly boast of their intentions
and accomplishments amongst themselves,
while pointing their crooked fingers at
everybody else.

Look at the ones cheering for soldiers who
shoot unarmed women and children.

(((They))) are your haters, not me.
Their game is coming to its end, withering
like the bad fruit on that tree.
It certainly is the End Times for those who
blatantly ignore God's Laws.
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