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Message Subject christians attention
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There are many female pastors today. Is that illegal?
The N.A.F. is the professional association of abortion providers.
LOOK AT THE NAMES of the owners of the majority of
those abortion clinics.
LOOK AT THE NAMES behind those organizations
that are attacking the Christian churches.
It goes without saying, yet again, that "some"
people in this world are motivated only by profit.
 Quoting: hillbilly

a lesbian "pastor" is heading up a pro-abortion group....if you don't see the problem(s) there, you're blind.

and sorry but your mental illness of literally blaming the jewish for everything schtick is beyond old.

the one behind the sin of abortion, all sin, ultimately is satan of nebadon/hatonn, just as he is behind the lies, deceptions, and blasphemies of the false ones/dark shits who bash the bible, push false new-age crap like urantia/phony journals, transhumanism, the bashing of apostle Paul, etc....

lies and deceptions = profit for the dark shits in service to satan.

But we must remember in these times that GOD's love, truth, mercy and grace are stronger and better than the ugliness and hatemongering of satan of nebadon.
 Quoting: Baloney

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