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Message Subject christians attention
Poster Handle hillbilly
Post Content
I've got your "always" swinging. flower

The videos you post are "new age" opinion pieces
designed to keep people feeling helpless against
the evil shewshow. Christ (Q+) has a strict
program that must be precisely implemented to
protect the system from the many booby traps
set by the Parasites, who would rather watch it
all burn than to lose control. As per the Protocols,
(((they))) attack the messengers and project
everything (((they))) do onto their adversaries.
We all see that you work for them Ba'abs.chuckle
I see a paycut in your near future, meaning
they are writing checks on frozen accounts.

The portion of "God's word" which pertains to
the life and message of Christ is what really matters.
The rest is just filler except for the Commandments.

That corresponds to most information available
through the tribal media today, mostly fluff.
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