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Message Subject christians attention
Poster Handle Jelly
Post Content
Scared to post the actual message again?

1/20/91 #1 HATONN
 Quoting: hillbilly

sorry but we all know that satan of nebadon...aka hatonn's message is one of evil. you trying to cowardly hide it behind a false facade of patriotism changes nothing.

for new readers, hatonn is (according to those of the phony journals) a 10 ft tall reptilian space alien on a spaceship who also happens to be rabidly anti-Israel, and anti-jewish.

The dark shits of the urantia/phony journals cult try to replace Jesus, who is the only begotten son of GOD, with this imposter named hatonn.

and we can see that hillbilly has pushed this satanic crap over and over in this and other threads.

so we know that those who push this new-age, channeled crap are not christians, and are not people who belong to GOD but rather they are liars and deceivers who work for the darkside.

these people are the proverbial wolves in sheeps clothing.
 Quoting: Baloney

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