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Message Subject christians attention
Poster Handle hillbilly
Post Content
And now one from my Cathar friend.
His people were hunted, burned and butchered
by the Roman Catholic Church for simply living
by the Lord's Prayer and guarding His writings.
Fortunately both survived to inspire others.
From IW's thread, the prayer I wrote, then said and felt filled with the Holy Spirit and found Christ.

May the Lord find it right, to protect us all this night
May the Lord take our hearts firmly in hand
To stay up our souls, our wisdom, our might
And protect Americans in their plight
For the world will be lost, as in a coin toss
if we do not overwhelm
those who hide and sneak and lie
on this oh Lord, your earthly realm
this fertile bountiful land
it is we you hold in your hands Oh Lord
as we stand up for Trump the man
He is We, as I is you, as we are they, the many
Give us tomorrow that we will return to a planet of plenty.
Let the tide turn as it gyres and froths
and tell us that our path is not lost
Let the sun rise as it does each morn
and let us all not be forlorn
on the morrow, on the morrow
SO much faith upon the morrow, I pray it does not bring sorrow
Oh Lord let your radiance aglow
give us this simple chance to know
the evil that we face
We've grown up, these last coupla months
without any serious afronts and are ready for the Truth
so Oh Lord as I giggle in prayer, let our enemies go...

Our father, you know the rest...and I personally do not mind giggling during prayer (like the irish King in Braveheart I guess).
 Quoting: Lance Roseman From BC
Right now I'm thinking fuckoff2
but POOF! works fine. chuckle
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