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Message Subject christians attention
Poster Handle hillbilly
Post Content
For those who prefer videos, I'll post a
synopsis of the major points of this one.
Bro Nate was raised as an Orthodox J-w.
He converted to Orthodox Christianity.
He knows this subject VERY well.
Inside Bernie
Brother Nathanael | February 19, 2020 (less dan fiddy)
[link to www.brighteon.com (secure)]

Getting inside Bernie is an outside job.
You look at the externals and the internals come through.
...Here’s Bernie, born in 1941, in his youth.
Here’s a college age shot.
It was at the University of Chicago that Bernie joined
the ‘Young Peoples Socialist League.’
He was arrested in one of their ‘civil rights protests.’
He spent a few nights in jail, and walked with a $25 fine.
In 1963 Bernie joined a kibbutz in Israel.
The kibbutz was linked via Stalinist founders with the
Marxist-Zionist Youth Movement—”HaShomer HaTzair”—”The Young Guard,”
where the seeds of Bernie’s Marxist ideas could germinate.
Here’s Bernie in his forties as mayor of Burlington, Vermont.
He’s pitching for the “Peoples Republic” in hopes that one day,
as President, he’ll throw a fast ball all the way into
the mitt of Chairman Mao.

As Burlington’s “socialist” mayor a darker side of Bernie came through.
A homeless shelter he launched, the “Mayor’s Emergency Center,”
was just getting started.
But when shelter volunteers showed up with their Bibles, Bernie scrapped it.
Here's Bernie campaigning for President:
”Now twelve years ago, if you’ll recall, against my vote,
Congress voted to bail out the crooks on Wall Street
who nearly destroyed our economy.
Two years ago, against my vote, Congress decided to give
a trillion dollars in tax breaks to the top one percent
and large profitable corporations.
Well, if Congress can bail out the crooks on Wall Street and give tax breaks
to billionaires, Congress can cancel all student debt in this country.”

Good point! President Trump said the same while campaigning.

”So here we are today in the midst of the most consequential
election in the modern history of America.”
“You got my vote!” “As a United States Senator, I fully appreciate
the power of the corporate elites and the one percent.
They have endless, and I mean endless amounts of money,
they own, to a large degree, the media…”

 Quoting: [link to www.realjewnews.com]
President Trump says he looks forward to Sanders
being his opponent in the next election.
I, too, feel that he is the Democrats best choice
to address the problems still plaguing America.
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