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Message Subject christians attention
Poster Handle hillbilly
Post Content
Who is the one woman in that photo?
No "neck or rep" in it, just sharing info.
I posted her credentials months ago.
The U.S. secretary of state’s “West is Winning” speech
in Munich last weekend was delusional.

Patrick Lawrence | February 18, 2020

Even by his highly delusional standards, Mike Pompeo came forth with a doozy
at the Munich Security Conference last weekend.
“The West is winning,” saith the most dangerous secretary of state
to serve at Foggy Bottom since Henry Kissinger’s murderous
tenure during the Nixon administration.
“We are collectively winning,” the oafish evangelical added.
“We’re doing it together.”

Each of these three assertions is baldly, boldly false.
The West is losing where there is genuine competition for power,
as in the Middle East.
It is losing by its own hand when it conjures animosity and
competition where there is none, as with Russia and China.
And there is no “we” to speak of, given the administration Pompeo serves
has done more than any other in my lifetime to pull apart the trans–Atlantic alliance.
It is now a shambles — which, in numerous respects, is a very fine thing.
Given how frequently Pompeo bloviates on matters he self-evidently does not understand,
it is not difficult to discern the essence of his rhetorical strategy.
It has two parts — more and he wouldn’t be able to keep track.
First, repeat a fallacy often enough and it will miraculously come true.
When it doesn’t, pretend it does.
Second, assume no one in the audience has any grasp of the facts,
so claiming license to lie and mislead at will.

 Quoting: [link to consortiumnews.com (secure)]
The lack of "evangelical" credibility is stunning expected.
You two must have gone to the same "school" of lying.
Is it in Kansas, Missouri or "Iowa"?
Any decent Chinese food there?
Sometimes that truth sneaks back up behind you,
after shaking off the sand you're shoveling.
 Quoting: hillbilly
You still haven't figured this one out. chuckle
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