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Message Subject christians attention
Poster Handle hillbilly
Post Content
You have "debunked" Christ too, but
that doesn't change the message,
which you ignore anyway.

I'm not your nanny, I don't do this for you.
Like Israel, you're not worth the effort.
Fix your own wagon, I'll fix mine.
I'll be standing at the finish line.
President Trump: We Israelis are begging you to stop interfering in our elections
Dvir Aviam Ezra | February 18, 2020 (less than fiddy)

As Israelis prepare to go to the polls for a third time in a year,
it’s time for us to focus on bread and butter issues like healthcare, education
and the non-existent peace process with our Palestinian neighbors.
Instead, we’re focused on the current U.S. administration carrying out
current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal pursuits:
retaining power and escaping trial.

It’s a big problem.
Israel is at a political impasse; the last two elections, in April and
September of 2019, failed to yield a clear winner, though Netanyahu is facing
unprecedented competition from an array of challengers with military experience
and the Arab parties running together as the Joint List.

It’s clear that Israelis are being faced with a stark choice:
On the one hand, they can choose Netanyahu and his cronies and
follow them as they further break from international law, prop up the
ultranationalist and religious right, and move to unilaterally annex territory.
Or they can choose Benny Gantz and his left-wing parties down a more moderate track,
with Gantz’s vows to protect the rule of law and restart the peace-process.
Gantz’s election could also prove groundbreaking as the Arab minority’s parties
seem inclined to support or at least cooperate with Gantz and his future government.
 Quoting: [link to forward.com (secure)]
Meanwhile, nobody wins except the Globalist Bankers who
invest in both sides and dance all night in their "temples."
There it is, I can't "grasp the concept" for you Ba'abs.
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