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Message Subject christians attention
Poster Handle hillbilly
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by Simona | Nov 30, 2017 (less than fiddy)

As it often happens, my research (this time about the Star of David) made me
find much more than I bargained for.
I hope you will benefit from it.

The usage of the six-pointed star, called “the Star of David” as a sign of
Jewish identity began only in the Middle Ages.
Before that, the sign of the Jewish identity was always a menorah.

The religious usage of the Star of David among the J-ws began much earlier, however.
A shield with this star engraved was found in a synagogue in Galilee,
dating to the third or fourth century AD.

The name the “Star of David” is quite new.
Before it, this star was called the “Seal of Solomon”.
The story of Solomon’s seal was believed to be developed by medieval Arabic writers
who claimed that Solomon’s signet ring was engraved by God Himself
and was given to Solomon from heaven.
Since the belief in the power of the ring of Solomon was so widespread
and firmly believed in, I tend to believe that the most plausible explanation of
Solomon’s seal is that it indeed existed, and that it was probably given to him
by his pagan Egyptian wife who was the daughter of Pharaoh, and therefore
had most likely been initiated into the secrets of their religion;

That the ring indeed was used to command, invoke, and bind demons, but like
any tools given by Satan, it just appears that the given thing has power – when, in truth,
Satan makes demons act in a certain way in order to fool the person into believing
that that particular item has that sort of power.

Even today this very sign is used by witches, pagans and open luciferians to summon demons.
Therefore, this seal is a sort of family crest of the fallen ones.
Thus this symbol is featured on masonic lodges’ entrances,
Catholic churches’ entrances and windows; it is the sign
that Lucifer worshippers, pagans and occultists use.

This symbol should not be the symbol of the children of YHWH since
it’s the symbol of the children of the fallen ones.

It would make sense if this would indeed be the mark of the beast, since
it’s the star already adopted by many religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism,
Judaism, Catholicism, Islam, Shinto and I’m sure many more religions.
 Quoting: [link to simonarich.com (secure)]
Are you getting all this Ms. Calabash? 666, number of The Beast.
There's the door, open it yourself. I'm not your butler.
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