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Message Subject No Jail Time For Man Who Allegedly Raped 11-Year-Old And Gave Her An STD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's stories like these that really tears at the fabric of one's soul, obviously not people like this soulless bastard.

He should get put in prison, so the inmates can deal with him like they often do with sick fucks. The fact he gets no jail time shows how far down the normalization pedo movement.

Pretty soon people like us will be labeled Pedophobes for standing up against these crimes against children. If Biden gets in, I imagine the normalization movement will happen in his presidency for obvious reasons.

Bunch of sick pedos run this world as fucked as that is.
 Quoting: YouAreDreaming

No they dont. You read one or two stories about some shit that happen and you idiots think its an epidemic. I swear you are just ad bad as the fuckin libtards. Oh no the news says theres pedos give the government all your rights. Who needs privacy if you arent doing anything wrong. Here government have all my information. Oh yes please put facial recognition cameras in my house to, thanks. Oh Please put a rfid chip in my hand so I know whi is safe!
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