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Sen Graham Spills The Beans on Kushner Bait & Switch Amnesty Scam. Tough enforcement talk now, Amnesty slipped in later.

Anonymous Coward
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06/20/2019 03:57 PM
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Sen Graham Spills The Beans on Kushner Bait & Switch Amnesty Scam. Tough enforcement talk now, Amnesty slipped in later.
With President Trump expected to make a speech to push an enforcement-only immigration plan to the American public today to shore up his base after coming under severe criticism for broken immigration campaign promises by ALIPAC, notorious pro-Amnesty Senator Lindsey Graham has spilled the beans about the new Kushner bait and switch Amnesty scam afoot.

"- “I don’t think it’s designed to get Democratic support as much as it is to unify the Republican Party around border security,” South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham said of the proposal, arguing the bill would unite conservatives around a merit-based system and order security. Graham believes, once the GOP coalesces around the plan, they would be in a position to negotiate with Democrats on how to move forward with the millions of illegals already living in the U.S. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), for example, has been suggested as a possible bargaining tool."

Senator Graham acted surprised by Presidential policies of catch and release for illegal aliens at his press conference yesterday although that ridiculous presidential program has been used since early in the GW Bush administration. Graham inferred many times that he planned to push an enforcement-only bill with the hopes the Democrats would strike a deal to include Amnesty for millions of illegals later on to assure passage of the bill later.

By focusing on the popular enforcement provisions conservatives first with plans to neutralize those legislative promises later with border destroying Amnesty is a type of bait and switch scam that probably mirrors the Kushner plan.

Trump, Kushner, and Graham are rolling out immigration plans and legislation as proposed remedies to the historic surge of illegal immigrants across America's borders caused by their own immigration policies and broken campaign promises which are attracting an unprecedented number of illegals into America including catch and release, DACA Amnesty, no crackdown on illegal immigrant employers, no mass deportations as Trump promised, and their focus on passing Amnesty legislation in 2017 & 2018.

[link to www.alipac.us (secure)]

For more information about how Trump, Kushner, and Graham are working to scam conservative voters on immigration again as part of a bait and switch plan to deliver on the globalist agenda of Amnesty for most illegals, or more information on the Amnesty legislation these three snuck into law on Feb. 15, 2019, please visit www.ALIPAC.us