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the LGBT parade in san Francisco....china..trump...steve paddock...the paradise fire..the whore of Babylon..

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06/21/2019 06:48 PM
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the LGBT parade in san Francisco....china..trump...steve paddock...the paradise fire..the whore of Babylon..
its certainly seems that wherever the trumpet man points his finger there is a destabilizing event in one form or another that follows...lets get going here..

he went after LGBT in the military during the campaign and then appeared in reno, nevada at about the same time..the 'pro-LGBT' gathering there was comprised of stephen paddock and mary lou danley as CONTROLLED OPPOSITION with paddock(THE VEGAS PATSY/ACCESSORY) appearing in a pink NASA t-shirt and wearing a pink skull cap with little bunny rabbit ears...this of course generated an anti-Clinton vote, with the rust belt electoral states taking the bait....with the LGBT parade in san francisco nearing, it seems a perfect time for trumps wingman, global intel, to pull a destabilizing event, ala the boston marathon..

now lets get to china, another trump target...trump pointing the finger at china is prepping for a destabilizing event in seattle by costing labor gainful employment type work in the aircraft industry, trump nixing the 300 airplane order with boeing by the china's leadership...

lastly, the trumpet blew for the whore of Babylon when he pointed the finger at the state of California which led to the paradise fire, a fire which was presented to us in such an unprecedented way that we have to assume it was set..i've been exposed to many fires in southern California working outdoors there for 25 years and those blazes are presented as such..the fire source is located, then containment percentages are released to the public which are followed by stories of heroism and tragedy...then the fire is extinguished...

but not the paradise fire..in that case, a fire is presented that is as big as the city of san Francisco and hundreds of people are missing, both exposures in one day!!..this fire, it certainly seems was set by ops teams with power company assets who are side-by siders with the trumpet man who is not uncomfortable with death and destruction if we study his family legacy..

these destabilizing scenarios coming together in flurries are the result of the trust busting power of siberia energy project that will come to fruition at the end of this year, the destabilizing keeping the energy prices as high as possible for as long as possible..and we thank you for your support..