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Message Subject Does everyone seem like they are in a trance out there in the world now???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Seriously, whenever I'm out in society it just seems like everyone is in some trance or under a spell or something. People are either blankly staring at their phones or they all seem not quite there. Sort of like NPCs in a video game or like dream characters. You know how you become lucid in a dream and suddenly the people around you seem just a bit "off" and not real.

Is that what is going on? Is this reality actually some big simulation that is no different from a dream except it keeps repeating endlessly until the whole thing finally ends one day?

Seriously, everyone and everything feels very strange now. Even more so than just a couple years ago. 5G or something???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 30671160

ohh yes. OP has it right. ive been trying to do the calculus too. i ask myself. “am i just getting old ?”. is it the smart phones and all the tech? the social media etc etc? a combination of it all and stuff like 5g ??

then I rationalize and say, i think it’s just me, that somewhere, some place , some pockets of society that i don’t see and i’m not invited too, aren’t like this. and i look and look and can’t find it. ..

maybe it’s not like this in small towns ?
maybe the part of the country i’m in?
maybe just the USA. ?

i don’t know. but it’s there. the kids have no idea that it was drastically different 15 years ago. — maybe we’re just getting old. whatever , it’s fucking weird to me
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