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Message Subject Does everyone seem like they are in a trance out there in the world now???
Poster Handle The ring of truth
Post Content
Yea its why i refuse to go anywhere anymore..people are so tied up in ther own world its like they have been zombified

Not sure what it is,its something not good though,its like the light in peoples eyes are Gone,the inner souls of people are flamed out,a dark influence is spreading through the land..

When i do get out its weirdly not my world i grew up in,so i tend to just remember the good days and think as it used to be...

I tend to watch this show where they race to other countries,and the country's they go to all seem normal,happy and still living a normal life...

i watch people on youtube that travel,and seems like all the people are living happily,as we once did...poor as shit..but happy ....

Yea there is something going in our country and its killing us..

The young people are truly a problem,No inner light..

NO GOD=DEAD INSIDE...If i believed in No God i would want to kill myself ....i would be a satans spawn of a hell beast..

Music also influence peoples minds,look at all the dark music that people hear and play,nothing happy,nothing uplifting ...its all sad depressing and sadist,types...

Nothing for a young people to feel really good about,its all garbage..and they put this in ther souls and it translates into thier actions...

Hell i remember when my boys were younger age 2-5 wheels on the bus go round n round...lol...fun songs ...

yeah we are living in a time all you see on tv shows or movies is murders or dead people on tables..always killings...

Netflix has gone to shit since obama took over,its all gay this gay that,or witch craft shit....we cancelled ..

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