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Message Subject Study: Women rapidly lose interest in sex once in a LTR or living with a man
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was with my Sue for 21+ yrs. Up and down like many relationships go but we stuck it out. If you're paying attention you can often tell her mooods just by her TASTE!! I think they appreciate the discernment. One night soft and gentle and a week or so later they wanna get spanked and fuk'd in the ass. Mix them up and it can seeem like you're not paying attention and things tend to slide quickly if either of you feel that for too long.

I stumbled on a technique - known to a few for centuries but not taught in sex ed and still debated by some of the best sexperts out there. The last two and half years we were together were fabulous. She went from 1 orgasm a night - usually from a good tongue lashing to a dozen or more and some nights many many more than that. Clitoral O's are wonderful to behold but the area over-sensitizes. Other areas are built for more abuse but they are still wired into the orgasm center in the brain. The O's are full body more like a seizure sometimes than orgasms. When the spot and the stimulation is known you can achieve massive O's in about 2 minutes from a cold start!! Spectacular!!!

Sadly the Angels came and took away my Sue one Christmas Eve many years ago now (time flies) but not too long after she died I posted the technique on several self-help relationship sites. I got banned from most because many women claimed if THEY didn't know about this there's NO WAY some middle aged white dude knew about it either and it was classified as bullshit and/or me just trying to get laid or make money. I just wanted to SHARE what we had and what we HAD was incredible. The post took off on one web site and has clocked well over a million hits. MEGS of feedback telling me that much to their surprise the technique DOES WORK - sometimes not the first or second attempt but easy instructions allow their EUREEEKA moment eventually.

In the theme of this thread I can guarantee you she will never get BORED when she is orgasming 1 or 2 DOZEN TIMES a night. Feed back from teens right up to their late 80's and thought they had tried EVERYTHING. The most common theme to my feedback is "sex was always about him. Now it's about me too and I'M ADDICTED!!"

It's worth a look. Read it. TRY IT and then SHARE. It's good karma!! MANY many couples have emailed me to tell me it saved their marriage or relationship.

[link to forum.literotica.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68793616

excellent advice!
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