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Message Subject BREAKING Iran says US sanctions on its Supreme Leader mean permanent closure of the diplomacy path
Poster Handle Adytum
Post Content
Very Scary
Seems that "IF" the religious people
would just sit down and have a cup
of coffee and civil discourse.
Perhaps there would be peace on earth.
But they just can not seem to stay
out of politics.
Seems like the greatest evils on earth
are the religions and theocracys.
Muslims are not doing anything that
the Christians did not do for a
thousand years. They all seem to
advocate killing in the name of
god or allah or some false whatever.
Don't get me wrong i am convinced
that there is something out there
that loves humanity unconditionally.
I have turned to it often with
amazing results.
But it is NOT the religious god of
hate that modern religions worship!
 Quoting: grover 76326459

Not too crazy about organized religion myself.
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