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Message Subject BREAKING!!! WE going TO WAR!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Doesn’t look good, rhetoric has reached a new level. Iran will most likely attack, proxy attack,or Big FF. Within the week if an attack is made.
 Quoting: Mkjeep

Trump gave them one last chance when he backed off the airstrikes. That is it.

Everyone thinks Trump is weak, but if Iran does anything to US interests, he will unleash hell on Iran.
 Quoting: Oaken Paw

He better have more than one carrier and some b52 in theater before he tries.

There just isn't enough hardware there to 'obliterate' anything really.
 Quoting: ~Newton's Own~

We have plenty of hardware there to respond with. Even before the new deployments, we already had enough jets deployed in our airbases there to strike at a moment's notice and obliterate a bunch of sites. But if the goal is a full-scale war to annihilate their military and government, then yeah we'll have to deploy more shit there.
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