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Message Subject BREAKING!!! WE going TO WAR!!!
Poster Handle Teslahowitzer
Post Content

Trump gave them one last chance when he backed off the airstrikes. That is it.

Everyone thinks Trump is weak, but if Iran does anything to US interests, he will unleash hell on Iran.
 Quoting: Oaken Paw

He better have more than one carrier and some b52 in theater before he tries.

There just isn't enough hardware there to 'obliterate' anything really.
 Quoting: ~Newton's Own~

You have no clue of what we have standing by...
If you did, you would not have typed that bullshit.
 Quoting: Teslahowitzer 72459805

I do, and he is spot on. The only alternative would be tactical nukes, but no one wants to let that geni out of the bag. Carrier group will be a coral reef if we engage.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76983886

Incorrect, carrier groups staged in certain “places” gives long range support and aircraft for bomb runs. The GCs can handle anti ship defenses.
The several subs could do the job alone, but this will be the end all of Iranian sponsorship of terrorism and threats of death bullshit.
This theater of war has been studied for decades, as little has changed from the clerics. The best setup for a complete elimination of military assets and uranium enrichment is not difficult.
We have monitored sat data constantly, we know where everything is and how to destroy it.
The after effects of containment breeches and rad counts are still unknown, and how that can spread in the region are difficult collateral damage... possibly Persia could have inhabited areas in most of its space.
We are not rookies, we been looking at this for some time, and we have the shit to do the job effectively.
Do not believe anything MSM, they only report lies...
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