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Message Subject BREAKING!!! WE going TO WAR!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Iran is not foolish. They know we will wipe that nation off the face of the earth. They won't do anything.
 Quoting: Vision II

They may not be foolish, but their leaders' intent and judgement might be clouded by their belief that they and their families will live in glory in their version of heaven if they die fighting the great Satan and annihilate Israel.

Being wiped off the face of the earth might not bother them in this situation.

Strange fuckers indeed.

And to the Frenchy that said Saddam lived more in a day than I have in a lifetime......I'm sure he had some great days. But so far I've not had to hide in a dirty hole nor have I been hung by a rope by my countrymen. So I got that going for me....
 Quoting: Billy Ringo

He wasn't found in a hole you gullible Moshiach mook that was propaganda.

It's hanged and it was by the Mahdi army who are Shia. Someone corral this sad tardling.
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