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Message Subject BREAKING!!! WE going TO WAR!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
These times make me ashamed to be American, even Human,
Our leader is now threatening to obliterate countless innocent lives on Twitter.

What happened to moral value, compassion and humanity ?

Nothing but indifference and violence in our World -

Which is a direct response of our so called leaders always ranting about war -

As above So below and all that.

Nothing good can come from where we are being led.

And it's really turning all of you into heartless ghouls -

The comments all over the internet in the last decade or so have shown me that we have really degraded to a truly sad human condition.

How would our Creator look upon the human family in 2019?

Are we growing?

Sadly the answer is NO.

And maybe we as a race just don't deserve our beautiful home and the time we have been given.

Look inside of yourself - what are you becoming?

A better human being or have they taken your humanity already?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77637574

Retards, such as yourself, should really stick to chewing gum and let the adults do the thinking.

Where did you get that Trump is going to bomb innocent civilians?

From a military strategy perspective, wouldn't it make sense to use pinpoint accurate Tomahawks, bunker busters, and GPS guided missiles to attack military targets? You know the same military targets that are shooting at us...

 Quoting: Callin

Go document the incoming for GLP you deluded fat boomer windbag. Get up close and personal if you believe in that [email protected] ass twilight language.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77110986

Wrong about the boomer part, internet tough guy...you wouldn't stand a chance up close...lol

Get back in your mother's basement and clean up your hot-pocket wrappers laying all over the floor...and get a job you useless ball sack.
 Quoting: Callin

That F A T aye?
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