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Message Subject Tulsi Gabbard is an affirmative action, overrated, "Veteran" fraud.
Poster Handle Pony Up
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Lets not forget, Tulsi is a Gun Grabber.

" In all my time in Congress, the Republicans have not once allowed members to vote on any gun control legislation. This is an outrage — and it’s why I participated in the House sit-in.
We owe it to the American people to try to get legislation passed that will ensure anyone who wants to buy a gun must first go through a background check and place restrictions on the powerful military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines such as was used by the terrorist in Orlando. "

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

A Veteran who does not even know what a Military Weapon is, who wants to disregard the 2nd amendment and disarm Americans.

She's Toast.
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