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Subject A list of Chemtrail-denier agencies that frequent Chemtrail websites :)
Poster Handle uscrusader1
Post Content
For those of you who don't know. Every web server(and forumcool2) keeps a log of visitors(and your origin domains)that view its web site. It also logs the previous web site you were on and logs the next web site you will be handed off to.

This is an interesting portion of the video from:
This thread and video posted by 75791816 from Switzerland that was brought to my attention.

At 1:12:35 in the video there is a reference of a Chemtrail website that chose to chronicle and document those entities that demonstrated a serious interest in Chemtrails over a period of several months

There is a clear documented interest at the 'highest' level of government, congressional on down, pentagon on down, all defense contractors, all health organizations, all media organizations, they all have a serious demonstrated interest in Chemtrails.

The contradiction is that any or all of these same entities when approached in public say there is no issue with Chemtrails. And so there is no interest or attention that needs to be devoted to Chemtrails. :)

The original website document header

Visitors to the Chemtrail website - visitors that would ordinarily deny Chemtrail existence. :)

A continuation of the list of 'Chemtrail-denier' website visitors. Gov't origin domains that are visiting the Chemtrail website; 1)doing/during gov't business hours, 2)real research(?) or real gov't work(?)! :)

GLP image uploading makes these images small. Go to the link for the video to see full size readable images of the Chemtrail denier agencies and institutions... that frequent Chemtrail sites! :)

Thanks 12thHouse!
The document is found here:

[link to carnicominstitute.org]
 Quoting: 12th House
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