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Swiss High Altitude Civilian Testing for Chemtrail content


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United States
06/29/2019 01:08 PM

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Swiss High Altitude Civilian Testing for Chemtrail content
No government agencies test the high altitude jet emissions for Strontium or Barium, because they say it cannot be up there(so why test for it).
Therefore civilian testing is the only way to test Chemtrail content. The high Chemtrail altitude is difficult to get test rigs up to.

In the second half of the video is a documentary of a Swiss attempt to reach the high Chemtrail altitudes and test for Aluminum and Barium and other contaminants.
Some highlights of the documentary in the pics and descriptions following;

Air filter to collect high altitude Chemtrail sample.

Attaching the Air Sampling equipment to the wing.

This aircraft goes to 33,000 feet and can reach Chemtrail altitudes to test them. The flight plan was for only for 25,000 feet which unfortunately just wasn't high enough.

The group could only fly to 25,000 feet altitude but the Chemtrails were a minimum of 5000 feet higher, Swiss air control limited the altitude to 26,000 max. So no Chemtrail intercept was possible during the flight.

Chemtrails are up there but we're down here and altitude restricted. View through the windshield.

Swiss civilian testing aircraft interior showing operator, power supply, inverter, air filter sampling unit, vacuum pump, etc.

The UN passed a resolution in 1976 to ban weather mods in warfare. The agreement is an acknowledgement that the weather modification systems exist!

Air Force - Owning the Weather in 2025 - 1996 publication. So much for the power of the UN. :)

Just what the Air Force had planned for the 'Owning the Weather in 2025 - 1996' Operation

Even though they didn't reach Chemtrail altitude.
The Swiss civilian Chemtrail sampling found 10X normal the Barium at elevations 5000 feet below the Chemtrails, where all governing agencies said "There is no reason for Barium to be at that altitude so we don't test for it." It would probably be a higher concentration 'in' the actual Chemtrail, because Barium does not exist at high altitudes.

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