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Dark Night of the World – Illuminating the Evil of our Times

Anonymous Coward
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06/30/2019 03:58 PM
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Dark Night of the World – Illuminating the Evil of our Times
Dark Night of the World – Illuminating the Evil of our Times

Posted by Terry Boardman on May 14, 2012

This essay was first presented as a lecture

at Rudolf Steiner House, London 25th October,1998


1. Percepts and Anthroposophical concepts
2. A picture of evolution – the prodigal son
3. The role of evil in evolution
4. 9 members developed in each age: the 5th Post-Atlantean epoch
5. The 1899 threshold and human threefolding
6. The coming of the Beast (666) from the abyss: 1933 – 1998 – 1999 - 2000
7. The 21st cent human ego
8. The incarnation of 3 spiritual beings over 5000 years
9. The New Rome – the “chosen people”: Britain and America
10. The British origins of the New World Order: Rhodes – Milner – the RIIA
11. The US takes over the New World Order agenda: CFR – Wall St – the Federal Reserve – the UN
12. The threefold global plan of the adversaries


1. Percepts and Anthroposophical concepts
As a path of knowledge, one of Anthroposophy’s strengths is that it enables us to think in such a way that we can bring concepts to illumine and make sense of percepts which would otherwise remain confused and confusing. Today we have plenty of perceptions of evil, but we lack the concepts to explain them and thus come to terms with them. On the Internet, for example, one can find many websites which discuss evil in relation to the New World Order (NWO). If you still need evidence of plans for the New World Order, if you still doubt those who claim that there is a NWO conspiracy, you only need to lift your head out of the narrow orbit of ideas represented by the mainstream media and begin to seriously investigate the matter. You will then find that there is plenty of evidence to be found, whether on the Internet or elsewhere. Thousands of men and women have worked very hard and in many cases risked their lives or at least their reputations to bring the evidence to light. In contrast to the relatively simplistic explanations of evil and of the New World Order I have just mentioned, Anthroposophy offers a rigorous and profound conceptual, spiritual framework which is able to make sense not only of contemporary perceptual evils – that is, observable evil actions, but also of evil itself and its place in evolution. In this contribution I shall first discuss how Rudolf Steiner saw evil in relation to human evolution. I shall then go on to consider the problem of evil in relation to some percepts of the New World Order drive towards a global slave state and particularly the part played in it by British and American elites.

2. A picture of evolution – the prodigal son
The Bible speaks of the story of the prodigal son and this story is a metaparable of the whole of human evolution – the separation from the Divine, the Fall into the physical, the schooling on Earth, the development of human wisdom and love, and the eventual Return to the Divine. The purpose of this whole process is the initiation of Man into Freedom and Love. Freely expressed human love – as distinct from maternal love, or the love for one’s own people - is the result of choices made by individuals based on knowledge and understanding of relationship, however partial. Ultimately, that means understanding how everything in the cosmos is related to everything else: at that point human love and cosmic love become one. The reason why we are here is to turn this planet, this humanity, this cosmos, from being what Rudolf Steiner called a cosmos of wisdom into a cosmos of love, more prosaically, one could say, to add warmth to light. But to do this, to make this choice, we have to be free. Freedom requires opposition, and therefore the divine spiritual powers decreed that certain of their number should take on the role of providing that opposition to man’s initiation into love. There are 3 such beings we shall be concerned with today in our considerations of evil – to whom Rudolf Steiner gave the names of Lucifer and Ahriman, and a third, who is named, not only by him, as Sorath.

3. The role of evil in evolution
This initiation in love required that both the cosmos and Man descended into ever denser states of being until the final state – the mineral – was reached. This is the physical Earth and universe we see around us today. The various other states previous to this have all been described by Steiner in his works, notably Occult Science – An Outline. Man and the cosmos descended into this realm to the point where further condensation became undesirable if the purpose of the process – the initiation into love – were to continue. At that point, some 2000 years ago now, the process was put into reverse by the divine powers. The cosmic process of incarnation changed to one of excarnation. This process has been likened to a cosmic breath: exhalation and inhalation. The Master of this process is the Being known in the West as the Christ, the Logos, but in other cultures by other names. It is He who has accompanied Man throughout the process of incarnation, and He whose own Incarnation onto the physical plane 2000 years ago in Palestine began the reversal of the process. This is why Steiner always emphasised that it was not so much Christ’s moral teaching that was important, but rather His Deeds – His crucifixion and Resurrection – not the teaching of love, but the ultimate Deeds of love. The Buddha, after all, had been a great teacher of morality and love, but he was not put to death in an evil way as was the Christ. The confrontation with evil is at the heart of the events in Palestine.

The role of evil in the world is that played by the 3 spiritual powers I have mentioned to frustrate Man’s understanding of, and co-working with this great process of human evolution – to prevent Man from developing the freedom to choose love. Without the opposition they provide, we could not wake up. Paradoxically, they seek in their own ways to keep us asleep, but if they did not work within us, we would have nothing to wake up from. In this sense they help us to wake. The actual power to wake, however, comes not from them, but from the Christ insofar as we exercise our freedom to unite ourselves with His impulse. It goes without saying that this does not necessarily mean becoming a member of a Christian denomination, for the Christ came for all humanity.

continue to read:
[link to threeman.org]
Anonymous Coward
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07/01/2019 05:38 AM
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Re: Dark Night of the World – Illuminating the Evil of our Times