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A poem from the moon

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 77058386
07/03/2019 04:55 AM
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A poem from the moon
Good morning fairies says the old troll under the bridge.
We are people not fairies, says Steven Colbert in his pink dress.
Jimmy Fallon jumps on Colbert's back, "go for it Eminem" he shouts, throwing his dummy to the ground"

"Eminem jumps out of the bush and starts his freestyle"

"you using way too many napkins papkins, I'm lapin them and the troll under the bridge is not how we roll cause we coming up like liberal dolls, and we fight back like whoah,
cant shit in this bit with this tit cause im to fit got
venom but no clit, shaping up like a git in a pit with a mit from a baseball game, what a shame bout the fame, let me cross the bridge today while I may get some drugs for the day for my habit hey so i can make the money for the way that I say, let me past the bridge today, before I spray, and make the frogs gay, like alex jones and his Bae"

"shut the fuck up" said the troll. Just go over the fucking bridge and leave me alone.