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Message Subject Prince William - Supernatural Destiny - Antichrist - Messiah And Very High Strangeness V2
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I strongly dislike Charles, William and Harry.

I am not buying the official version of Princess Diana's death. She was too much of an embarrassment for the Crown so they "died" her.

I hope the Queen will live a very long life to 102 like her mother.

Then they should organize a referendum for the people to decide if they want to go on with royalty or not after she leaves this world.

 Quoting: Concorde Warrior F-BVFA

They offed her because she was pregnant with a Muslim child with Dodi.

1996 was pre 911 and she was getting ahead of the Agenda that had been in the works for decades.
its only recently that the Queens links to MOhammad are being occassionally report in MSM in the U.K

Diana was a fool to think that being the mother of the next King of England that she could ever have a normal life after divorcing Charles.
Having another marriage and half sibs to Wiliam and Harry with a man of her choosing was never going to happen. AND SHE KNEW IT.

I think the Firm turned a blind eye to Harry not being Charles son as it could be hidden within the marriage much like Charles affair with Camilla was supposed to be hidden.

I think what sealed her fate was divorcing Charles, going off script and outing the Firm and the final nail was bringing forth a Muslim half brother to the future King.

Before Dodi, she was with a Pakistani Muslim doctor, so its almost like she was daring the Palace to do something.

I think she was her own worst enemy.
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