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Here's the ENTIRE biography of Edgar Cayce, "The Sleeping Prophet." If you want some good weekend reading or nighttime reading, or beach reading, here it is, and you don't even need a "kindle."

[link to archive.org (secure)]

This was a best selling book for decades!

The intro to the book, by the author, Jess Stearn:

Edgar Cayce was a grade school dropout, yet doctors
and therapists throughout the country are now success-
fully treating arthritis, psoriasis, abdominal disorders
and innumerable other complaints, by following the ad-
vice he prescribed in thousands of clairvoyant readings.

His deathless legacy of medical reading? — containing
clues to the control and cure of such diseases as can-
cer and rheumatism— are being studied by knowledge-
able scientists today.

Here is the startling biography of America's greatest
mystic, written by Jess Stearn, the only trained re-
searcher and reporter to gain complete access to the
prophet's previously unavailable case histories and medi-
cal readings. Journalist Stearn employed a geologist
from Harvard, experts in medicine, and scientists in
many diverse fields to examine the technical material
left by Edgar Cayce. Mr. Stearn personally interviewed
many of the people for whom Cayce had done readings
and effected cures. The result of his incisive research
adds much to the growing legend of Cayce's amazing
abilities. Here is the whole fascinating story of the
humble and, perhaps, most fantastically gifted prophet
of all time!

"In addition to all the destruction he saw, Cayce also
saw the passage of world events. He saw wars and
peace, depressions, racial strife, labor wars, even the
Great Society, which he saw doomed to failure. He saw
things for individuals, as well as for nations, predicting
that they would marry, divorce, have children, become
lawyers, doctors, architects, sailors, and marines. Most
of 'his prophetic impressions came during his sleep-
readings, but he was spontaneously psychic in his wak-
ing state, and fled from a room full of young people
once because he saw instantly that all would go to war,
and three would not come back.

"His batting average on predictions was incredibly high,
close to one hundred percent ... So much of what he
said has come so miraculously true . .

— Jess Steam
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