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Message Subject The Latter Rain of the Holy Spirit will come with Paradigm Shift
Poster Handle Agent of Light
Post Content
Going by what the prophets have been saying about the year 2019, I came to the conclusion that this is the year the latter rain of the Holy Spirit comes down. I expected the latter rain to come down during the Feast of Shavuot this year, but the feast came and went and there was no latter rain. Even then, the prophets are still saying that the great move of God will take place in this latter half of this year.

My native village operates some kind of Hebrew calendar. The first month of my village's Hebrew calendar this year began by May's new moon. Going by my village's Hebrew calendar, the Feast of Shavuot should begin by sundown today and the latter rain could come down by tomorrow.

The original people of my village are descendants of Judeans who fled to Egypt after Nebuchadnezzar conquered Judea (Jeremiah 43).

Expect Great Signs and Wonders in the Next Six Months
Ben Lim, Los Angeles, CA
Jun 27, 2019

The next six months of 2019 will be marked with the supernatural. Truly, it will be a time of seeing the rise and fall of many. We will see many rise up in the supernatural power and grace of our Lord. We will turn back and look around and be stunned and surprised at the amount of new breed, five-fold ministers who have risen out from the caves of hiding and from the ashes of despair and desolation.
[link to www.elijahlist.com]

It's 'Now O'Clock': Step into Heaven's Time Zone!
Helen Calder, Melbourne, Australia
Jun 30, 2019

The Holy Spirit is breathing upon God's people. He is saying, "Beloved! Awaken and arise!"
[link to www.elijahlist.com]
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