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Just posted: STUDY: Leaked Huawei Resumes Reveal Extensive Ties To Chinese Intel Agencies

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/07/2019 09:26 PM
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Just posted: STUDY: Leaked Huawei Resumes Reveal Extensive Ties To Chinese Intel Agencies
July 7, 2019

A new study reveals troubling links between Huawei engineers and China’s massive military agency responsible for conducting cyber espionage.
Researchers issue dire warning after analysis of hundreds of leaked resumes reveals surprising amounts of collaboration between Huawei engineers and China’s military.
President Donald Trump’s decision to ease up on Huawei restrictions faces scrutiny after new study reveals ties between the company and China’s military.

Employees with Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei acknowledged working with China’s military-backed cyber agencies in a trove of job resumes leaked online in 2018, according to a study published Friday by a Brtish think tank.

The employment files indicate some Huawei staff have worked as agents within China’s Ministry of State Security, worked on projects with China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA), and were employed with a military unit linked to a cyber attack on U.S. companies, according to a study from Henry Jackson Society, a London-based think tank.

More than 100 Huawei staff had connections to the Chinese intelligence agencies and their “backgrounds indicated experience in matters of national security,” Christopher Balding, an associate professor at Fulbright University Vietnam, said in the study.

He argues the data refute every statement Huawei has made suggesting the company does not act as a handmaiden for the PLA. The study also comes after President Donald Trump announced after a June 29 meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping the loosening of U.S. government restrictions on the company. The study highlighted three resumes in particular.

One Huawei manager has worked at the company since 2012, but had previously worked at the National Information Security Engineering Centre (NISEC), the study notes. NISEC reportedly “collaborated for years” with Unit 61398 of the Chinese Army. The unit is accused of being “at the heart of China’s alleged cyber-war against Western commercial targets.”

Another engineer was also linked to being a ‘representative’ of the Ministry of State Security (MSS), the security agency responsible for counter-intelligence
[link to dailycallernewsfoundation.org]