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Ross Perot Was a Ball-less Wonder

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/09/2019 03:59 PM
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Ross Perot Was a Ball-less Wonder
I supported him at the time. He did many good things. But when it came down to the real price, he was unwilling to pay it.

They twisted the ring and told Ross to step off. He ultimately had to be threatened and it was much more than embarrassing his family or he would have continued AND WON. While I find no conclusive evidence that Perot was a freemason; you simply couldn't get ahead in his day without it. All the movers and shakers from the distant past were freemasons and they take orders from their king. I know for a fact that freemasons would stop fighting during the civil war, have rites together, then start back because it's in my written family history. This Satanic stronghold has ushered in this modern evil age by having it's leaders sit in church and nod their heads (often as Pastors) to righteousness but then go subvert in private. Devils one and all even if they are just the low level shills trying to get business for their paint store.

Ross Perot withdrew his bid for the presidency in the 1992 election campaign and then re-entered the race exactly 33 days before election day, which allowed Clinton to win with a minority vote, just as Woodrow Wilson won, because Teddy Roosevelt started a third party known as the "Bull Moose" party. Pope John Paul I was assassinated exactly 33 days after becoming pope. John Paul I was outspoken against Freemasonry, and the current pope John Paul II is reported to be a Freemason. Whenever the members of the Masonic hierarchy see the number 33, they become excited, because it is a sign that they are in control. Incidentally, former President George Bush is reported to have worn a jersey with the number 33 on it, when he threw in the first baseball at the world series.