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Message Subject Woman Walks Out Without Paying Nail Worker
Poster Handle Polkahonkus
Post Content
Where is the conspiracy? Are we just posting Reddit? This is becoming a new Reddit. All we need is reposts of yesterday.
 Quoting: SoloTrashyCrowd

But, it provides an opportunity to bash black people, reinforce the narrative of racism and further divide the masses, thereby aiding tptb to continue their unabated and ever increasing exploitation of the “have-nots.”
 Quoting: Fortunabeargirl

I used to be a "have-not". When I was a "have-not", I did not get my nails done.
 Quoting: DEPLORABLE Lady Jayne Smith

I got scared of pedicures in the nineties when people got disfigures and scared by flesh eating bacteria. This was happening in upscale communities.

Then I learned there is no safe nail polish. It’s a toxic chemical hormone disrupting exposure.
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