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Message Subject Jesus Christ is king of the kings, He is true messiah, He is Lord, He is son of God and HE IS AWESOME!!
Poster Handle TheLordsServant
Post Content
Jesus never existed?

Even ya'alls poster boy Bart Ehrman says Jesus existed.

You numbskulls that whine about the Bible have yet to even have ONE SINGLE SHRED of evidence that actually disproves ANYTHING in the Bible.


 Quoting: TheLordsServant

I’ve had the displeasure of meeting Bart Ehrman. He’s paid disinformation agent, and paid well I might add. And a crappy researcher. He has a following, I’m not one of them. I only read the very old stuff, what’s left of it.

Let me say agin, many of the teachings attributed to “Jesus” and “Paul” are true and godly, but no one can die for someone else’s sins. This is dark vampiric feeding of an evil entity and in no way something to sing about.

Ever wonder why so much of biblical prophecy is of a dark and negative nature? Do you See what happened? Do you See what They did?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76107349

Jesus' death doesn't just automatically remove / "wipe away" everyone's sins.

Look at the "bare-bones" of His teachings. He said...

1. Repent (to the Father)
2. Believe and love Him just like the Father
3. Follow His commandments (same as the Father's commandments)

TO those who fail to do those things - Jesus' death is meaningless. Their fates were already sealed by the Father long ago.

Jesus' resurrection was more important than His death because it PROVED that "life after a physical human death" WAS possible.

BUT...you HAVE TO follow the rules.

Prophecy is dark and negative for the simple fact that God's wrath for not following His Commandments is punishment.

He did it once with water (the Flood).

Next time will be the prelude to His Son's 1000 year kingdom on earth.
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