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Message Subject Energetic Sites
Poster Handle Coming Into Existence
Post Content
And I told her that the people most interested in Charlie's device were a black ops group based out of Los Alamos. They're called Deep Sky. This is their logo. Paramilitary. And I told Jenna that... what she was getting into was gonna be dangerous. But apparently, she didn't listen. Charlie: So what are you working on right now? I, um, have big plans to scrub out the fryer this weekend with my dad. Oh, God. Waitressing's really got to blow when you've grown a fully functioning heart muscle in a lab. Or are you not the same Elizabeth Ortecho who coauthored a 2013 paper on cellular reprogramming? ( Laughs softly ) Some people build model trains; I do my homework. Your boyfriends seems more like the train type. What is that supposed to mean? We've discovered new worlds and changed the course of mankind from a microscope. Should I go Netflix and chill with my boyfriend or stay in the lab, architecting the future? ( Chuckles ) No offense, but if it's true that you've been in prison and in hiding, it does not seem like you've seen much of the inside of a lab, either. I went too far. I thought that I was building something with real value. The thing is, anything that has the potential to create real change, it scares people. And anything that scares people is inherently dangerous, no matter what your intention is. You could start over. Get a new identity, work at a research university. I've done extraordinary things. Everything ordinary is ruined now. Manes: Charlie Cameron's mind is a unique specimen. Kind of like you. And there's always someone in the shadows waiting to crack those open. What did you do to Jenna? ( Sighs ) I told her the truth. Which is more than you ever did. You're kind of a wolf in sheep's clothing, aren't you? And what are you? Hmm? Do you feel like a hero? All those people you tortured, all those people you killed. Turns out none of them was an enemy. They were refugees. So you're not just a murderer, you're a failure. Yeah, I know. I am. But I tell you, something shifted in my brain... ( Clears throat ) ( Sniffles ) .. when I had the stroke. All the hate's gone out of me. All the fight. Caulfield is over and my son Flint has been reassigned. Look at me. I can barely walk. Uh, you know, I-I think I'm gonna pass on the burger. And I hope you find Jenna.

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