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Message Subject Energetic Sites
Poster Handle Coming Into Existence
Post Content

That was really good. I liked the explanation of the torus stones and cones. Lol that would be really cool to for technology to translate stone information. He gave the pineal bird headed people a bad name though lol
That’s not accurate information imo on the group.

In the 100 tv show, they delve into the topic of silicon life form ai’s and programming to function for human to have easier lifestyles and then destroying humans because of their function and morality codes. The similarity there in life form change echoes it seems.

Proselenes, interesting. Without the moon, What did that do to the suns ability for fertility? Not much online about them really.

Torus moving thoughts, seems to have a beginning yet does it?
Ones own thought ——->from a thought passing through where does originality draw the line lol
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

The bio electromagnetic sense field matrix came up and instantly thought of this video with the torus and cones. Bakers dozen is sense organs represented by the thirteen columns. From one point of view could look like an 8 shape. So got me thinking. The central channel is representation of the vagus nerve. Mayan say the greater mind opening to the universe. The local mind is on both sides with senses nesting outwards. Loom of maya info
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

Remnants of the stone torus and stone cone is very connected to the axis mundi culture of totem pole culture that was global of the triple god and triple goddess. Which is similar to their understanding of the human body manifesting outside technology. Similar to inside heart had brought the weapons from the giant El to surface life into sword and shield. Etc.
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