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Poster Handle boutreality
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Excellent thread, very insightful and chocked full of enough information to scare the Bejesus out of a regular person.
 Quoting: Loup Garou

Thank you for the comment, I like sharing the information in thread format, and because the entire thread series (internally linked and referrenced) makes one "indictment", each thread a "count", I put together a pdf containing the whole.

It is available at blog linked above, second post down, free download.

New Info for this thread, in the context of edit improvements:

(Seal is a picture of a metal-looking, if done in graphite, “triple crown” Pope Hat.) Catholics recognize the headdress denotes the appointed earthly equivalent of rule over heaven, earth and hell, this generally appraised definition cannot be discarded because it constitutes a constructed “to be unified” understanding available to conscious awareness, with the broadest base either unaware of the meaning of the headdress, or having never seen it.

-Establishing an orchestrated through secreted means imprinting of a symbol and the conceptualization behind its meaning, tiered across total numbers, where an assembled “collective unconscious” has no idea of its definition and purpose, an assembled “collective subconscious” has at least a general view of its definition and purpose, providing a disembodied, individuated table of conceptualizations, its “conscious awareness”:

The two crossed keys the headdress is pictured over symbolizes “Life” and “Death”, signifying ownership of a mechanical manipulation of the field concentrating consciousness into sentience, allotting it to matter, pushing and pulling “their creation” into and through life, until death.

-No one is asked to take this at its first consideration, in no way does it ameliorate the devotion known to the valued faithful among any Christian denomination, and here the problem is crystallized:

Tell one hundred people we are at war against an enemy who not only knows the physics of the Unified field, but has had it at their disposal for an unaccountable amount of time, and possibly a single individual will allow the information to resonate long enough to discover factual implications.
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