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Message Subject Woman designs torture chair.. Men are finished... Unicorn lover designs chair to prevent Manspread
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
“Manspreading” is a natural biological function of the male gender. It is an evolutionary behavior for the purpose of cooling the reproductive organs. Which is also why your gonads are outside your body in a sack rather than internal.

The attacks on “manspreading” are like attacks on women for their breasts blocking your vision and insisting that they be tied down to give men a better view of the room. Offensive.

I sit how sit and you can lump it. If you make a chair to force me I will bring my own chair. If you give me a ticket for doing it I will file a lawsuit for gender discrimination and bring in biologists to testify and you will pay me.

I sit how I sit. You best get over it.
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