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Subject Taxation Without Representation - Border Jumping Criminal Insurgency - Conspiracy
Poster Handle Heinous Anus...
Post Content

We have "Sanctuary Cities" & et-al, "Ordering" people to openly defy lawful orders from a Federal Government Authority...

This, where American Taxpayers are being "FORCED" to finance this defiance, and insurgency, through "Monarchical Rulings" by Despots.

This is NOT done through a "Vote-Of-The-People" it is an "Edict" handed-down by a despot, or despots.

This is "Taxation Without Representation"...

Americans are being FORCED by despots to finance the atrocities of these Theological Despots.

Most Americans don't mind paying a little tax to provide assistance to their immediate neighbors, or even the folks on the other side of town.

I think Most Americans DO have an issue with Insurgents that are air-dropped, shipped, bused, and deposited into their communities by NWO BQMTJ Despots, and then "Ordered-To-Pay", or finance the "Theology" of these Degenerates.

Thread: ICE raids in NYC fail to catch anyone - De'blasio brags about it - good think they announced it advance [email protected]

Open Insurgency...
Thread: WASHINGTON STATE: Police kill man allegedly attacking immigration prison - A man armed with a rifle and throwing incendiary devices

This is an example of the atrocities YOU are being ORDERED to pay for, by Tyrants...

Thread: Border Jumping Criminal Insurgents -- Crime Carnage -- 2993 Wrongful Deaths -- 611234 Crimes

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