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Message Subject Netflix Shares Plunge After Subscribers Slump
Poster Handle Cigar&Cognac
Post Content
Are there any intelligent people that post here? Maybe like 4... and none of them seem to be posting in any topics here today.

Netflix is NOT making a bunch of leftist shows or only putting leftist shows on their service.

I watch netflix almost every day and watch NO leftist shows at all. Is stranger things leftist? Is all the Anime on their service all leftist? Are all the scifi and action movies leftist? are all the marvel shows like daredevil leftist?

The answer is NO. There are a couple of shows that could be considered truly leftist.

The kind of idiocy displayed here is the same ridiculous retardation on display in all the "there is no space" threads and comments.

You people in general are straight up total forking morons.
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