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Message Subject Why do MKultra mind control victims love certain ringtones and will endlessly search until they find the right one?
Poster Handle MogwaiHunter PM
Post Content
First rule of mkultra mind control is that everyone is mkultra mind controlled.
 Quoting: MogwaiHunter PM

Not true. MK ultra is a programme. Mind control through mass media and the like originated in Nazi germany and it’s all about hertz! Subliminal messaging during the refresh rates of a tv screen. Not MK ultra, greed from advertising companies more like.
 Quoting: DinedwiththeDevil

The Hertz hurts.
 Quoting: MogwaiHunter PM

They really do, as do frames per second which now we all use screens 24/7 the effects are so much more pronounced. We have a bunch of folk that question nothing, only care about their likes and following absolute dicks like Dan Blizereen orwhat ever the fuck that navy seal wannabe but can’t get in, Vegas shooting dodgers name is!

Yes that is 100 percent down to mind control the same as everyone else that is “woke” but to shit scared to do anything. Having information and doing nothing is worse than not having the information in the first place.

Mind control has successfully created fear and a thought process of we can’t change this so we will just bitch about it everyday on forums yet nothing changes.

Insanity: doing the same shit over and over and expecting different results.

We have been turned insane from mind control but not actually MK ultra the programme that put people through absolute trauma. They learnt the lessons off the test subjects and toned things down for the masses.
 Quoting: DinedwiththeDevil

And now that the machines are learning from us 24/7 and assisting with the mind control, it's meth cocaine pcp steroid mkultra mode. It's time to get behind John Conner because apparently the machine takeover has been much less subtle that in the Terminator films.
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