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The deadly disease spread by KISSING: People aged 15 to 24 are most at risk due to sexual activity

Coastie Patriot
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07/19/2019 02:27 PM

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The deadly disease spread by KISSING: People aged 15 to 24 are most at risk due to sexual activity
Experts warn teenagers and young adults on the risks of 'intimate activities'
People aged 15 to 24 are at higher risk of contracting the meningococcal virus
Doctors has issued stark warning as brutal flu season weakens immune systems

Australian Teenagers who engage in intimate activities such as kissing are at the highest risk of contracting the deadly meningococcal disease.

Experts have revealed that the virus needs 'close and prolonged contract' in order for the bacteria to be passed on, which means teenagers and young adults who are sexually active are most susceptible.

'It more commonly occurs in people aged between 15 and 24 as they tend to be involved in more intimate social activities such as kissing,' South Eastern Sydney Local Health District's Professor Mark Ferson told The Daily Telegraph.

As immune systems continue to weaken in what experts are calling a 'brutal' flu season, Professor Ferson has warned Australians to know how to identify the symptoms of meningococcal, as it can often be confused with the common cold.

NSW Health’s Communicable Diseases director Dr Vicky Sheppeard said that the virus can cause from something light as nausea and neck stiffness to heavier symptoms such as vomiting, sudden fever and light sensitivity.

[link to www.dailymail.co.uk (secure)] daily mail less 50
Coastie Patriot

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