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Message Subject Maybe this is why the Walmart stores have empty shelves.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
come on,i said it a few days ago,itz the new aldi stores.wm lost half its customers,so wm doesnt stock as much.thus empty shelf space,happenned in my town.the second week aldi was open,wm shelves were getting bare.its nature of business,dont create panic.are they suppose to overstock perishables just to look like its nothing?
why waste time stocking unsaleables?
they built the stores for double the customers they have now.thus empty shelf space.
the mob had moved into some as security.so the mob is taking a hit.the mob deserves it.they abused their power.i got buzzed four times in a row by bad cops working security.
security is how the mob worms its way in.
they basically tell the manager,hire us or we rob the store until its financially broke.well now its broke.
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